Of all the social & coping skills programs we've tried, this one (Mr. Emotions & Friends) is the best.

-Mrs. Moran, a 1st grade teacher



My favorite Mr. Emotions & Friends songs are "Hop, Hop, Hop, I am important" and "Wait, stop to think, I need to make a good choice".

-Henry, 6 years old



LILYMI is one of our most reliable and results driven providers.  I can always count on you.

-Ms. Robison, a middle school family and student services coordinator



....I was a shy and confused 7th grader, but after Girls Cirlce with LILYMI, I learned to express my thoughts and have grown into a more confident person....

-Sandra, a high school student



I used to cut myself, but since going to your workshops every week I have stopped cutting.

-Kelly, 8th grader



It's hard to put into words how much LILYMI has meant to me over the years.  I began with you in 7th grade workshops and continued through high school.  Now I'm a sophmore in college and I still think about the impact LILYMI had on my life.

-Bryan, college student



I think you put on a wonderful event (adult forum).   It was a thrill being there.

-Bob, a doctor from CCHMC



All the information was helpful... Now I know a ton. It's a great place to start.

-Sharon, Great Start! parent


EVERY 28 seconds a student drops out of high school.

2,880 children drop out of school every day.  This impacts youth, friends, families, neighborhoods, crime rates and our economy.


Don't settle for "that's just the way it is".  You can make a difference. Precious lives are at stake.


Welcome to LILYMI!  Together, we can reverse the dropout epidemic.  

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  • "Successful people aren't those that didn't fail, they just got up and kept trying." Unknown

  • "Keep looking up... That's the secret of life..." Snoopy

  • "Time is a river. You can't touch the same water twice as the flow that has passed will not pass again. Enjoy every moment of life!" Unknown

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