PreK-3rd grade

Social and coping skills are vital to the success of young children in the classroom.  LILYMI developed Mr. Emotions & Friends for students preK-3rd grade.  This award winning series teaches important lessons about self-control and making good choices via an interactive methodology. Students role play with puppets, sing and practice each skill. Mr. Emotions & Friends supports reading success by 3rd grade.  Students identify which characters in books need to work on their social and coping skills. Students write their own book about social and coping skills where they are the main character.  Data measures are available to document behavior modifications from the student, teacher and parent perspectives.   Also, ask us about Success Skills.  Success Skills is designed for 1st through 3rd grade.  Students learn, model & practice vital life skills which not only help them in life, but help them be successful in the classroom right now.

4th-8th grade

LILYMI delivers workshops to build resiliency and leadership skills.  We design activities around the needs of your school or group.  Whether you need a girls group, boys or other type of group, we can help you design a successful workshop or series.  Some of our favorite series to lead are Girls Circle & Boys Council.


Grade level reading is of crucial importance to LILYMI. Book Battle is a new program available that enhances reading comprehension, persuasive writing, and presentation skills.

9th-12th grade

Establishing positive role models and mentors during the high school years helps young people think through choices and consequences.  LILYMI is available to create connection groups and encourage critical thinking for adolescents.  Service learning is also an effective offering that LILYMI can design and deliver with your students. Ask us about Leadership, Girls Circle & Boys Council groups for this age group.


Adults need to be inspired too!  Invite LILYMI to facilitate your professional development class, forum or summit.  LILYMI has a winning formula ready for your team.  We'll ensure your event is engaging and interactive.  Your group will experience team building and walk away with an attainable action plan.  Also, we provide a kindergarten readiness program for parents and caretakers called Great Start! Great Start! is a fun, interactive workshop where families create the road for academic success for their children.

EVERY 28 seconds a student drops out of high school.

2,880 children drop out of school every day.  This impacts youth, friends, families, neighborhoods, crime rates and our economy.


Don't settle for "that's just the way it is".  You can make a difference. Precious lives are at stake.


Welcome to LILYMI!  Together, we can reverse the dropout epidemic.  

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